Learn how to Bake Christmas-Themed Desserts Like a Pastry Chef and turn this Christmas your most profitable One as a professional baker!

We were thrilled to have you in our Mini Christmas Workshop, and we are sure your family is going to love those desserts. 

If you want to level up your baking skills this Christmas, then we invite you to our ‘All About Christmas Eggless Course.’ 

In this 2-day live baking course, you’ll learn how to bake five-star Christmas themed desserts. And yes, if you attended the Mini Christmas Workshop, then we have a special offer, exclusively for you!

(Rs. 2000 Discount Expires on Sunday 11:59 pm)

Introducing: All about Christmas Online Eggless Baking Workshop

Are you Ready to Bake Christmas Themed Desserts Like a Professional Pastry Chef?

  • In this beginner-friendly workshop, you’ll learn how to bake five delicious recipes.
  • All the recipes are completely eggless.
  • The Workshop will be live and will take place on 12th and 13 December.
  • You’ll get a lifetime recording for the entire workshop.
  • The Truffle Nation Chefs will carefully teach all the recipes, and you’ll learn some professional techniques that will take your baking skills to the next level.

Surprise your friends and family with these five-star bakery-style recipes.

If you are a home baker, these recipes can be the perfect addition to your menu and can be the perfect gifting solution for your clients.

Here’s everything you’ll learn in this two-day workshop –

Recipe 1: Chef’s Special Christmas Plum Cake (EGGLESS)

Christmas is complete with a big slice of Plum Cake, and the chefs at Truffle Nation are giving this classic a five-star bakery makeover.

We’ll teach how to bake a delicious plum cake with cocoa and freshly chopped plums. You’ll also be learning chef secrets for making the perfect batter, rich in texture and flavor.

The star attraction of the recipe is the rum-soaked fruit and spice mix, which will take the plum cake’s flavor to the next level.

You’ll learn how to make a larger batch of this spice mix at home. (And yes, you can use the mix for later use)

Elements Learned

  1. Plum Cake Batter infused with fresh cocoa, plums & dry fruits.
  2. Rum-Soaked Fruit and Spice Mix

Recipe 2 - Gingerbread Cookie House (EGGLESS)

This is not an artwork; this is Truffle Nation’s signature Christmas dessert, the Gingerbread Cookie House.

You have probably seen it in movies or five-star hotels, but you will learn how to make this at home in this workshop.

We kick things off by teaching how to prepare the perfect gingerbread dough, and we’ll be using that to prepare a stunning edible 3D house.

You’ll learn how to assemble this 3D house to make sure it doesn’t fall.

Our chefs will also teach you how to prepare eggless royal icing, and finally, you’ll learn how to decorate this Gingerbread Cookie House like a pastry chef.

Imagine inviting your guest, and after dinner, you bring this show-stopper to the table. Compliments and claps are on your way.

Elements Learned

  1. Gingerbread Batter
  2. 3D house assembly
  3. Royal Icing Preparation

(Rs. 2000 Discount Expires on Sunday 11:59 pm)

Recipe 3 - Strawberry and Pistachio Verrine

A french classic, with this recipe, we bring the flavors of Paris to your kitchen.

This three in one recipe includes a stunning pistachio pannacotta, strawberry jelly, and vanilla custard. You’ll learn how to prepare these elements individually.

Our chefs will then teach you how to perfectly assemble these three layers to create a premium Christmas dessert.

Rich in flavor and texture, the verrine is presented in a single glass, and it screams Christmas in every bite.

Elements Learned

  1. Pistachio Pannacotta
  2. Strawberry Jelly
  3. Vanilla Custard
  4. Verrine Assembly

Recipe 4 - Pecan Nut Tart

Lovely addition to your holiday dessert menu—a pecan tart is packed with pecans & baked with brown sugar and butter until the sugar melts and caramelizes.

You’ll learn how to prepare the perfect tart shell using pate sable, and we’ll be loading this up with a delicious almond sponge filling.

From fancy dinner tables to simple high teas, you can serve this tart anytime to brighten up your holiday get-togethers.

Elements Learned

  1. Pate Sable Tart Shell
  2. Almond Sponge
  3. Brown Sugar Syrup

Recipe 5 - Christmas Themed Rum Ball Cakesicles

These cute little sticks look like fancy ice-cream for kids, right?

Well, the chefs at Truffle Nation have given a five-star makeover to the classic rum balls, and in this recipe, you’ll learn how to prepare designer cakesicles with a taste of traditional Rum balls.

In this recipe, we teach you how to prepare a rum ganache blended with an eggless chocolate sponge.

You’ll also learn how to make edible artwork, which will give these cakesicles a nice Christmasy touch.

Cakesicles are a hit among the kids, and you can also make these on their birthdays.

Elements Learned

  1. Rum Ganache
  2. Eggless Chocolate Sponge
  3. Edible Fondant Artwork

(Rs. 2000 Discount Expires on Sunday 11:59 pm)

By Joining Today You’ll Also Receive Access To These 4 Awesome Bonuses

Bonus 1 - Live Q&A Session

Right after the live workshop, our chefs will be taking all your questions in a live Q&A Session. Additionally, while our chef is covering different recipes in the master-class, students can ask their questions through the live chat and our chef will answer your questions live.

Bonus 2 - Personalized Feedback Through TFN Facebook Group

If you join today, you will get added to the Truffle Nation Premium Facebook Group. Here our chefs will personally clear your doubts.

You can post pictures or videos of desserts baked by you at home, and our chefs will give personalized feedback.

This will help you understand where you are going wrong, and with the right mentorship given by our chefs, you can take your baking skills to the next level.

Bonus 3 - Lifetime Access To The Course

All students who enroll for the live workshop, will also get lifetime access to the recording of the live session. You can refer to this while practicing your recipes in the future.

Bonus 4 - PDF Recipe Cards

Finally, you’ll also get access to PDF recipe cards for all the 4 recipes in masterclass. You can also print these recipes for convenience.

But here’s what you’ll get once you enroll for the workshop:

The workshop will be held on 12th and 13th December

The timings will be 11 AM Onwards

Live Eggless Workshop to be held on 12th December


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this Master Class Live?

Yes, the All About Christmas Workshop is a live online masterclass. It will be conducted on 12th and 13th December, 2020.

Q. Are the recipes eggless?

Yes, all the recipes in this master class are completely eggless.

Q. How Will I clear my doubts after the workshop?

Right after the class on each day, our chefs will conduct a live Q&A session.

Additionally you can post your doubts on the Facebook Group, and our chefs personally clear them.

Q. I am beginner, should I join this workshop?

complete beginners in mind and our chefs will carefully cover the smallest of techniques while covering the recipes.

Additionally, while practicing if you face any issue, you can post your queries on the Facebook group and our chefs will assist with everything, big or small!

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