Hey Baker...Have you ever wanted to master the Art of baking delicious Pizzas and other Gourmet Savoury Delicacies?

In this 2-Day workshop, we teach you everything you need to learn to create mouthwatering savoury bakes and Pizzas as a professional home baker. 

Introducing: Pizza and Puffs Live online baking Workshop

Want to take your baking skills beyond just sweets like cupcakes, muffins and cakes? The Pizza and puffs workshop will give you the skills you need to put some classic savoury delicacies on your menu!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this 2-day workshop:

Cheese Burst Farmhouse Pizza

Who doesn’t love cheese burst pizzas?

Well this is our Indian-ized take on the famous double layered cheese burst pizza with simple tricks and technique which you can replicate at your home and serve your family freshly baked pizza anytime.

Apart from the delicious cheese burst, you’ll  learn how to make an Indian classic that is the paneer tikka pizza with smoked makhani sauce.

Puffs and other Variants:

Always wondered how one can replicate those million pastry layers without the use of fancy machines. With out home baker friendly workshop you can too get those perfect flaky layers with just a rolling pin, from how to laminate a puff pastry perfectly to creating various creations from it. We have covered it all. 

But here’s what you’ll get once you enroll for the workshop:

Live Eggless Workshop to be held on 5th September

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