Have you ever wanted to master the Art of baking delicious Tea time Cakes & Cookies?

In this 3-hour long, live baking workshop, we’ll take you by the hand and show you how to bake 4 delicious recipes along with answering all your questions big-or-small, Live!

Introducing: Dry Cakes and cookies Live online Eggless baking Workshop

Learn to bake these 4 delicious recipes from the comfort of your home. Apart from learning these four recipes, you’ll also be able to ask your questions (big or small) from professional pastry chef and Chef Instructors of Truffle Nation.


The recipes shown are 100% eggless.

Here’s what you’ll get once you enroll for the workshop:

Similar in-person workshops at the Truffle Nation Academy are regularly filled out at Rs. 4999/- However, since this is an online workshop, you can enroll yourself for just Rs. 1499/-.

Live Eggless Workshop to be held on Sunday, 5th july


Here's What You'll Learn In This Workshop: ​

Recipe 1: New York Style Baked CheeseCake

Our version of cheesecake is as good as the NYC’S aaand…. it’s completely eggless.

Elements you’ll learn:

  • Cookie base
  • Cheesecake batter

Recipe 2: Luxury PeanutButter and Caramel Cookies

This cookie is our take on the usual peanut butter cookie. The Luxury peanut butter cookie is a complete dessert in itself.

Elements You’ll learn:

  • Peanut butter dough
  • Caramel sauce

Recipe 3: Belgian Chocolate and Cherry Dense Loaf

Learn how to make a decadent dense chocolate loaf with a hint of cherry. This cake is the perfect dessert for any chocolate lover. 

Elements You’ll Learn:

  • Dense chocolate loaf
  • Cherry ganache
  • Chocolate cigars

Recipe 4: Hollandaise biscuits

Hollandaise biscuits are a French teatime treat, often known as Sablés Hollandaises because of the basic dough mixture, which is very close to a classic pâte sablé pastry – this cookie is a perfect combination of both vanilla and chocolate in a bite.

Elements you’ll learn:

  • Rich vanilla dough and
  • Rich chocolate dough.
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