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Are you looking to enroll in a hotel management course?

Do you consider a hotel management degree the ideal gateway for starting a career in baking as a professional chef or even starting your own bakery or cafe?

Well, then Stop right there, because what I am going to tell you will save you from wasting three years of your life, and lakhs of rupees in the process.

This is Chef Kirty Labra, the founder of Truffle Nation Academy, and before I talk about Who I am and what we do,

You must be wondering why I made that outrageous claim about Hotel Management?

In the next few minutes, I will explain why getting a degree in hotel management can be a massive mistake for aspiring bakers and food entrepreneurs.

Now, here are some of the statements you would have heard by institutions offering a degree in hotel management –

 “We offer world-class education, with best-in-class infrastructure.”

“Get employment in leadership positions.”

“It’s more than a degree; it’s a career-maker.”

These statements sometimes prove enough to attract the best of minds to enroll into a hotel management degree.

But, when you get into the real highly competitive world, these over-hyped statements will  fall flat on the ground.

In fact, in a report published in the Business Standard, “Less than 11% of hotel management graduates are employable after college”.

And because of the ongoing pandemic, the Hotel Association of India fears that about four crore jobs would be at risk in the Hospitality Industry.

Furthermore, being a management degree, for aspiring chefs or bakers, the curriculum in these institutions is frighteningly outdated.

Almost nothing worthwhile is taught when it comes to practical concepts like mastering the art of baking cakes, becoming an artisanal baker or how to start  and grow a profitable bakery café.

And because of the theoretical approach, students rarely bake in a kitchen and are forced to learn how to bake on a blackboard.

To add to that, there is no focus on Eggless Baking, which in a country like India, proves to be a massive let down.

Little attention is given to students, as over 20 students are assigned to a single instructor.

Finally, students end up wasting three years of their lives, enduring long class hours and going through a mandatory internship where students oversee day to day operations of a hotel, and rarely get a chance to work inside the kitchen.

And they proudly sell this for around 4 to 5 Lac Rupees.

To quote my friend and one of the lead Chefs at the Truffle Nation Academy,

 “As someone who wanted to be a professional chef, the Hotel Management degree felt like burning my hard-earned money with fire and live through it for three long years.”

Now, a degree in Hotel Management is not a scam. For people looking to work in hotels, aviation, and the larger hospitality industry, it can be beneficial.

But, for someone who wants to be a professional baker or someone who wants to set up their home bakery or cafe, getting a hotel management degree, ultimately proves to be a step in the wrong direction.


So, What is the solution?

How do you turn your passion for baking into a profession?

You have a dream of starting a bakery, but how do you learn the skills to make bakery-style desserts consistently?

In short, how do you become a successful professional baker?

Well, the journey of a successful professional baker starts with mastery of techniques.

You need to have an understanding of the science behind baking, the role of different ingredients, how to use the different tools, and finally how to combine all of that with your creativity.

For all of this, you need the right training.

You need someone who helps you through the different recipes and helps you understand the minute details and the techniques you will use to consistently bake five-star desserts.

Next, you need to get hands-on. You need to bake different recipes. You need to master different techniques like mixing the batter the right way to decorating your cake with royal icing.

While doing this, you will make mistakes, and you will struggle with some recipes or some techniques.

And here, you need the right guidance; you need a mentor who can help you, when you go wrong and give you personalized  suggestions that help take your baking skills to the next level.

And finally, in this competitive world, you need the right roadmap. You need to understand the latest trends in the world of baking, you need to understand what desserts are loved by clients and you also need to understand the business side of things.

From the basics of setting up your bakery and finalizing your menu to marketing your bakery to the right audience


So, all of this made sense, right?

Now, what if I told you, you can get all of this at one place?

  • The Training
  • The Hands-on Baking experience
  • Expert chef Mentorship and
  • The Roadmap to built profitable bakery cafe

All under one roof!

Well, this is exactly what you get in the Truffle Nation Academy.

Truffle Nation Graduates have been making waves across the country with bakeries and cafes.

Stanzien, one of the first graduates of the academy, runs his bakery by the Name of My Cafe in Ladakh. In this cozy wooden cafe, you get everything from customised cakes & scrumptious cookies to delicious coffee that will light up your day.

Yomter, one of our diploma students, has a beautiful bakery in Itanagar. At Zoey’s Cafe, you can get a baked cheesecake, which has made waves in the entire city.

Madhu runs a home bakery in Gurgaon. She regularly gets orders for her bestselling gift hampers, loaded with delicious cupcakes and dry cakes.

Nilza runs Nilza Cake Lounge & Bakery in Leh. Famous personalities have graced her cafe, from Sonu Nigam to his holiness Dalai Lama. Imagine baking a birthday cake highest spiritual leader of Buddhism; well, Truffle Nation Graduate Nilza managed to do just that.

Niyati Jain runs an 100% eggless home bakery by the Dainty Delicacy. From Niyati, you can order customized cupcakes, which are the star attractions of her customers.

Sahil started Crumbly Cafe in Indore. He is the go-to baker for celebration cakes that clients order for occasions like Birthday Parties and Anniversaries.

Niharika Sisodia runs Naked Cake Studio in Bhopal. Here you can get life-like 3D fondant Cakes, which are loved by kids.

Tanya Bhargava runs a home bakery by the name of baked delicacies in Panchkula. Here you can order customized theme cakes and cupcakes.

Raghav runs a traditional bakery called The Govindam Bakers in Rajasthan. As a Truffle Nation student, he loved working with chocolates, and now from his bakery, you can order mouthwatering chocolate desserts.

Payal Sood recently started Amrit Sagar Sweets & Bakery in the heart of Indore. This is a one-stop bakery where you can get anything from Gourmet Indian Sweets to Eggless desserts.

And these are just a few of the success stories at Truffle Nation.

So, what is the reason that we can constantly create successful bakers that can turn their passions into profitable careers?

Well, Firstly, at Truffle Nation, the approach is completely hands-on. You will be baking every single day. From practicing different techniques to making full-fledged recipes, you are improving your skills every single day.

And guess what, whatever you bake, you can take back home.

Secondly, You get personalised mentorship from professional chefs. At Truffle Nation, we strictly keep a 1:4 student to chef ratio.

And in every batch, we have limited seats, which are booked well in advance.

Because of this, each student gets personal attention, and they can clear their doubts almost instantly.

Not only that, our chefs hold regular mentorship meetings where you can discuss your major sticking points and queries.

Our chefs will also keep you accountable, tracking your progress, and helping you with tailor-made suggestions.

Thanks to hands-on baking and chef-led mentorship, students can bake like a professional chef in less than four months.

Our curriculum keeps the Indian Clients in mind. At Truffle Nation, you learn both egg and eggless recipes. Students can choose whether they want to learn an eggless recipe or a recipe that includes eggs.

To add to that, our curriculum is updated with the latest trends in the world of baking. At Truffle Nation, you learn everything from French Classics to the latest American desserts.

Finally, we want to prepare our students for the future. To do that, we hold regular Business Growth Sessions.

In these sessions, you’ll understand the correct approach to set up a home bakery or cafe, market your bakery and yourself, pick your niche and finalize your menu.

And this is the winning formula of the Truffle Nation Academy. Because of these strong foundations, we can create successful money-making bakers every single month.


  • You can be our next success story.
  • You can be a certified professional baker in four months.
  • You can start your own home bakery or cafe in under six months.
  • And, you can do all of that by enrolling in our Complete Baker’s Diploma Course.

This is the most comprehensive course at Truffle Nation. The all in one course has been designed for anyone with a dream to kick-start their own bakery, cafe, or home bakery.

That is because this course isn’t just about baking the perfect macarons, bread, tarts, or chocolate but also about how to sell them and continue to get new customers for your business.

And for a limited time only, all of the Baker’s Diploma Course graduates will also get free one Year Access to our online Courses and Workshops.

But, here’s a warning!

To maintain the highest quality standard in Baking Education, we have just 21 seats in our Diploma and Certification Course.

Also, we only take in students who are serious about baking and want to work in the Baking Industry or wish to start their bakery, cafe, or home bakery

Now, if you are serious about being a professional chef, this is your time to act.

Apply now to join our upcoming baker’s diploma batch and start your own bakery in 6 months!

With the baker’s Diploma Batch.. You get complete hands-on baking. From cupcakes to cookies, from Artisanal Breads to Chocolate Artistry, from Macarons to Gelatos, in four short months, you’ll be baking like a professional chef.

You will also be taught and mentored by professional Chefs. This will help you master skills 100 times faster than someone who goes for a Hotel Management Degree.

You will also get Deep Dive Business Strategy Classes.

From teaching you how to price your baked items, market research, menu planning to run ads on the right channels, marketing your bakery/cafe is about to get a lot cheaper and simpler.

And yes, as a bonus, you get free one year access to our online courses and workshops.

Now, it is time you took action toward achieving your dreams and running a profitable cafe.

Apply now to join our upcoming baker’s diploma batch and become a professional baker in 4 months!

See How Our Baking courses are Already Helping Bakers like you to Start Their Careers

I loved how every detail was explained

I loved how every detail was explained and the way you guys handle the queries! Really amazing work

Simran Tiwari, Home baker

I get many many compliments when I bake something

I did my course from truffle nation this year. And I’m thankful to them for making me a skilled professional baker in just 4 months. The recipes and their work is authentic. I get many many compliments when I bake something. .

Prabh Noor Sethi, Professional baker

Every recipe is perfect .

I did almost 6 courses and they have given me the confidence to go ahead with my business . Every recipe is perfect .

Swati Sinha, Professional baker

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