Do you want to bake like a professional?

Master the Art of Baking & Decorating Delicious Celebration Cakes in just 7 Short Days

The Online Celebration Cakes Certification Course teaches you the essential skills from preparing flawless perfectly baked batter & assembling different layers to decorating your cake like a professional pastry chef…

and, turns you into a boss baker who can easily bake delicious, mouth watering cakes like 3-Tier Wedding Cake (or the most loved cake), every single time.

A sneak peak inside the course:​

Want to take the first step towards building your skills as a bakery chef?

Well this complete 7-day Mastercourse takes you by the hand and teaches you how to bake and decorate a wide range of cakes, decorations and techniques to take your skills as a baker to the next evel.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Mastercourse: 

In this online course, we will be teaching you everything you need to know about baking Celebration Cakes like a professional baker!

Module 1: Foundations of Cake Making

Learn how to prep your cake for frosting by evenly crumb coating your cake. Also, learn how to trim the edges and uneven portions of the cake using pallet knife and scrapers

Module 2: Eggless Tiramisu Cake

Learn how you can bake eggless tiramisu cake which is loved by kids. Here you’ll also learn how to make Mascrapone frosting and coffee bean reduction syrup. You’ll also learn advanced techniques like 3d chocolate garnishing and Ombre Effect.

Elements covered:

  • Learn How To Make Cake From Scratch
  • Mascrapone Frosting Coffee Bean
  • Reduction Syrup
  • Ombre Effect
  • How To Give Dripping Effect On Cakes
  • 3d Chocolate Garnish

Module 3: Red Velvet Cake with Geode Topper (Made with Egg)

From preparing red velvet cheese buttercream to adding color to your frosting, this recipe will help you understand the science behind baking cheesecakes.

Elements covered:

  • Learn How To Bake Classic Red Velvet Cake From Scratch
  • How to Make Red Velvet Cream Cheese Buttercream
  • How To Give Colour To Your Frosting
  • How To Make Geode Topper
  • How To Create Stroke Effect Eggless Recipe Pdf

Module 4: Chocolate Mirror Glazed Cake (eggless)

Another crowd-favorite, this American style cake is loved by everyone. Here our chef will teach you how to temper chocolate ganache and decorating the cake with a gelatin free mirror glaze.

  • Learn How To Make an All-American Chocolate Cake From Scratch
  • How To Make Belgian Chocolate Ganache
  • How To Make Mirror Glaze (Gelatin Free) Chocolate Decorations
  • How To Use Gold Dust

Module 5: 3D Carving Cake - Flower Pot Cake

Hyper Realistic 3D cakes are in-demand for birthdays and weddings. Learn to how to carve a 3D flower pot cake in this recipe module.

Not just that, here we teach you the exact method to prepare sponge from premix and covering the cake with realistic fondant.

Elements covered:

  • Learn How To Make Sponge From Premix
  • Learn How To Carve Your Cakes
  • How To Cover Your Cakes With Fondant
  • How To Do Airbrushing

Module 6: 3 Tier Wedding Cake

The show stopper of this course is our 3-Tier Wedding Cake MasterClass. In this module we’ll teach you the exact recipe for baking a complex 3-tier wedding cake. From preparing the different layers of cakes to storing them and finally stacking them together, we’ve got you covered at every step of the way.

Module 7: German Black Forest Naked Mousse Cake (square Shape) (with Egg)

Discover how you can bake silky chiffon cakes and fluffy mousse cake. This recipe also teaches you how to create a cherry reduction and decorating your cake with chocolate bark full of nuts, dried fruits and candies.

Elements covered:

  • Learn How To Bake Chocolate Chiffon Cake
  • How To Make Milk Chocolate Mousse
  • How To Make Cherry Reduction
  • Chocolate Bark Decoration
  • Eggless Recipe Pdf

Module 8: Theory of Cakes

Before we move on to the recipes, it is vital to understand how different ingredients work together, what our the different methods to bake cakes and the basic equipment you’ll need to bake cakes from the comfort of your home.

Topics covered:

  • History Of Cakes
  • Role Of Ingredients
  • Different Methods Of Cake Making
  • Types Of Sponge
  • Faults In Cake Making
  • Methods Of Cake Making
  • How To Store Your Cakes
  • List Of Tools And Equipments
  • Absolute Guide For Tiering Cakes

Module 9: Advanced Piping Techniques

Learn how to pipe and prepare icing for you cake. Learn the techniques for working with different nozzles and also discover how you can make royal eggless icing at home. This will give your cakes a unique European Style, which will make you a standout home baker.

Also, you get access to our printable piping templates which can help you practice piping at home.

Topics covered:

  • Learn How To Use Different Nozzles
  • Learn How To Pipe Different Flowers and Borders
  • How To Work With Russian Nozzles
  • Learn How To Make Royal Icing And Write Names With It
    Get Printable Piping Practice Templates

Here's what you get when you Register for the Course Today!​

This course has pre-recorded video tutorials that you can access anytime, anywhere from the comfort of your convenience.

  • Complete Access to 25 Modules worth Rs. 49,999
  • Printable Recipe Cards for all Recipes worth Rs. 2499
  • Printable PDFs for all Cake theory worth Rs. 1999
  • BONUS: Live Chef Hours Group Calls Every Week worth Rs. 999
  • BONUS: 6 Month Access to Bake Better Premium Group worth Rs. 2999

Total Value: Rs. 49,499    Offer Price: Rs. 9,999!


Read what our students are saying about Bake Better's Online Courses.

Useful lessons for beginners

Baking has always been a hobby of mine. I had decided to join truffle nation for their online courses during the lock down and it has been the best decision I made. Through in depth explanation to doubt solving, they have been with us in every step of the way,guiding us, moulding us to be better bakers. Lots of love love, respect and gratitude to the whole team!!

Kavya Hebbar

Amazing Courses!

One of the best baking schools in town…. Very friendly and helpful chefs…. Ambience is also very good… Very hygienic and not to forget even the helpers are so friendly and every smiling

Jasmine Kaur Palaya

Helped me to grow my career

I have taken up their online muffins master course and bought their cookie handbook as well. I have also attended couple of their live workshops and felt that the chefs are truly professional and thorough with their subject. Quite patient with the queries and explain everything in detail. Their recipes are awesome. Though they are bit expensive. Their FB support system is quite good.

Shelly Kaul

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