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Great courses, very easy to follow.

I have taken up their online muffins master course and bought their cookie handbook as well. The chefs are truly professional and thorough with their subject. Quite patient with the queries and explain everything in detail. Their recipes are awesome. Though they are bit expensive. Their FB support system is quite good.

A sneak peak inside the course:​

As a home baker you want to make the most out of the festive season, and with this online chocolate making masterclass you can add high-in-demand chocolate delicacies to your menu.

Here’s why this one-day chocolate making masterclass will double (or even triple) your sales as a home baker –

  • Indians love chocolates and chocolate-based gift hampers are always high in demand.
  • The six eggless chocolate recipes that you learn in the masterclass (like the Luxury Pistachio Praline Truffle) are luxury boutique bakery recipes.

You can sell these as a part of a premium hamper for your clients and they would want to pay you more for these ‘personalised luxury desserts’.

In addition to these six recipes you’ll also learn techniques like chocolate tempering, Enrobing truffles and more. This will give a solid foundation to your chocolate making skills.

And yes, even if you don’t have a home bakery and just want to bake delicious desserts for your family, this masterclass is completely beginner-friendly and you can easily bake the recipes at home.

Here’s everything you’ll learn in this one-day five-hour long workshop –


In this online course, we will be teaching you everything you need to know about Making Chocolates like a professional baker!

Recipe 1: Caramel Peanut Crunch Bars

Snicker bars are loved by kids, and taking inspiration from them ,our chefs have created this delicious caramel crunch bar recipe.

The silky caramel peanut bar is tempered with milk coverture chocolate to create a delicious chocolate bar that just tastes heavenly.

Recipe 2: Liquor Chocolate With sweet Whisky Filling

In this recipe we will be pairing 54.5% dark coverture chocolate with sweet whisky filling, to create a decadent liquor-filled chocolate.

Using the techniques learnt in this recipe, you can create liquor filled chocolates of any flavor.

Liquor Filled chocolates are loved by the younger generation, as it combines a shot of booze with melt in your mouth dark chocolate. (A lip-smacking combination)


Recipe 3: Milk Rochers

Every festival we receive at least one box of the famous Ferrero Rocher Chocolates.

Taking inspiration from that, the Truffle Nation Chefs have created their own hazelnut flavored Rochers.

The milk Rocher Truffles have the melt in mouth gianduja ganache enclosed by wafer cups that are then dipped in tempered milk chocolate with bits of hazelnuts, giving this truffle the right texture and balance of flavors.


Recipe 4: Luxury Pistachio Praline Truffle

Chocolate Truffle and Pistachio adds a certain royal richness to your dessert.

And our Pistachio Praline Truffle screams luxury in every bite.

Through this recipe, you will be learning how to make Pistachio Praline, tempered dark chocolate ganache, and preparing a simple chocolate leaf over the dipped truffles.


Recipe 5: Five Element Infusion Bar

This is a cracker of a chocolate bar, with a burst of flavors in every bite.

The milk chocolate bar is infused with five different elements including cashews, cranberries, pistachio powder, apricots and black sesame seeds.

This recipe combines different flavors, color and textures into a single chocolate bar making the Ultimate Festive Treat.


Recipe 6: Chocolate volcanos with coffee-infused ganache and cider Toffee crunch

With the final recipe of the masterclass we take you to chocolate wonderland.

With the first bite of this toffee, you get an explosion of dark chocolate in your mouth which is balanced with the coffee-infused ganache.

Through the recipe our chefs teach complex techniques like volcano drip and Preparing cider toffee the right way.


Here's what you get when you Register for the workshop Today!

This workshop contains recorded video tutorials from our live sessions that you can access anytime, anywhere from the comfort of your convenience.

  • Complete Access to the Complete Online Workshops worth Rs. 4999
  • Printable Recipe Cards of all Recipes worth Rs. 1499
  • BONUS: Live Chef Hours Group Calls Every Week worth Rs. 999
  • BONUS: 6 Month Access to Bake Better Premium Group worth Rs. 2999

Total Value: Rs.9,999    Offer Price: Rs.2999!


Read what our students are saying about Bake Better's Online Courses.

I Highly recommend Bake Better

I joined Truffle Nation with their online classes. It had wonderful experience. I have learned so much from Truffle Nation. Chefs have immense knowledge & very helpful. It is life time accessible course. I highly recommended Bake Better.

Bela Shah, Baker

Chef's reply to my every query

Have taken eggless brownie, muffins n cupcakes masterclass. My son attdended the chocolate making workshop. Great baking courses and teaching… Beside the recipes and variety of subjects covered their forums are very informative. They try to reply to each query and solve / suggest with workable solutions.

Nikeeta Hembrom, Professional Baker

Every recipe is perfect!

I did 6 courses with Bake Better Online and they have given me the confidence to go ahead with my business . Every recipe is perfect .

Swati Sinha, Baker

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