Hey Baker… Do you want learn the art of baking of delicious comfort breads that are sold in bakeries around the world?

In this online bread baking workshop, you’ll learn how to bake five In-Demand Comfort Breads, and also upgrade bread making skills and get started with techniques like kneading, shaping and proofing the bread.

A sneak peak inside the course:​

The Idea of comfort breads is simple – improvising classics recipes to provide a feeling of satisfaction and comfort to its consumers.

We all love comfort food; actually, we all crave comfort food.

And that’s what exactly comfort bread do and stand for; they create emotion and experience.

With just one bite into these breads and you will be able to sense a feeling of pleasure, comfort, and mindful satisfaction.

In this two-day workshop, you learn five easy-to-bake comfort bread recipes, which bring flavors of the world to your kitchen.

You’ll learn recipes like the Chocolate Babka and Korean Cream Cheese Buns (a modern take on Garlic Bread).

Your family will love these recipes, and if you love to bake delicious dishes for your kids, this is the workshop you need to attend.

If you already have a home bakery and you’re looking to expand your menu, then the five recipes you’ll learn in the workshop can easily fit into any menu.

A mix of sweet and savory, our chefs have hand-picked some of the best-selling recipes around the world and adjusted the flavors for the Indian Audience.

In this online course, we will be teaching you everything you need to know about baking Comfort Bread like a professional baker!

Recipe 1 - Apple Streusel Bread

We kick things off with a bread, perfect for a cold winter morning. You’ll learn how to bake a delicious apple streusel bread, which has the goodness of apples and nuts combined with a rich milk dough.

Our chef will also teach you how to create an apple rose, which goes right on top of the bread. This adds a five-star touch to the bread, and your friends and family would be placing repeated orders for this.

Elements Learned –

  1. Milk Dough
  2. Apple Rose

Recipe 2 - Korean Cream Cheese Buns

We then move to a mix of sweet and savory with the popular Korean Cream Cheese Buns.

A modern take on the traditional garlic bread, the cream buns have a crunchy exterior. At the same time, the interior is kind of custardy, with the cream cheese filling oozing out.

You’ll learn how to shape the buns and how to get the crispy golden brown exterior every single time. You’ll also learn how to prepare the cream cheese filling from scratch.

Elements Learned –

  1. Korean Savory Buns
  2. Cream Cheese Filling

Recipe 3 - Savory Monkey Bread

Next, we move to the savory monkey bread. Traditionally monkey breads are sweet, with a soft-baked dough sprinkled with cinnamon.

Our chefs decided to give it a Peri Peri Pizza inspired makeover. You’ll learn how to bake this ring-shaped bread, loaded with mini buttery bread balls infused with Peri- Peri spice, cheese, and lots of vegetables.

If your clients want to experiment with new flavors and want a filling snack, the savory monkey bread will be the perfect option.

Elements Learned –

  1. Shaping Ring Shaped Dough
  2. Spice Mix

Recipe 4 - Custard Buns

Imagine tasting creamy vanilla custard paired with a soft fruity bun. Well, this is exactly what you get with the Custard Bun Recipe.

In this recipe, you will learn how to make a soft fruit bun and vanilla bean custard from scratch.

You don’t want your fruit buns to be soggy and dry, and our chef will share tips on how you can avoid these common bread making problems.

Elements Learned –

  1. Fruit Buns
  2. Eggless Vanilla Bean Custard

Recipe 5 - Chocolate Babka

Finally, we teach you how to make chocolate babka. A babka is a sweet braided buttery yeast bread, and for me, this bread always feels warm and comforting. After a hard day of work, I love to have a big slice, and it just fills my heart with joy.

You’ll learn how to prepare the brioche dough and how to incorporate the chocolate in the dough. You’ll also learn how to shape the Babka by hand, giving it a beautiful braided shape.

Elements Learned –

  1. Braiding Dough (Like traditional Babka)
  2. Brioche Dough

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I Highly recommend Bake Better

I joined Truffle Nation with their online classes. It had wonderful experience. I have learned so much from Truffle Nation. Chefs have immense knowledge & very helpful. It is life time accessible course. I highly recommended Bake Better.

Bela Shah, Baker

Chef's reply to my every query

Have taken eggless brownie, muffins n cupcakes masterclass. My son attdended the chocolate making workshop. Great baking courses and teaching… Beside the recipes and variety of subjects covered their forums are very informative. They try to reply to each query and solve / suggest with workable solutions.

Nikeeta Hembrom, Professional Baker

Every recipe is perfect!

I did 6 courses with Bake Better Online and they have given me the confidence to go ahead with my business . Every recipe is perfect .

Swati Sinha, Baker

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