Do you want to bake like a professional?

Learn How to Bake these Eggless Indian Pastries Like a Professional Chef!

In this live online 2-day baking course, we’ll teach you everything you need to bake three delicious eggless Indian Pastries like a Professional Chef.

A sneak peak inside the 2-Day Eggless Baking Workshop

Have you ever wanted to bake 100% Eggless Pastries like a professional Chef? Imagine creating your own delicious pastries just the way you saw them on Instagram or that Youtube video!

My name is Chef Gaurav…I’m a pastry chef and chocolatier at Truffle Nation Baking Academy. At Bake Better Online, we help passionate bakers like you learn the secrets of baking and bake like professional bakers. 

In Our Online baking workshop, you’ll understand the secrets to baking the perfect batch of eggless pastries just like professional bakers.

This 2-Day Live Online Baking Workshop course  is perfect for aspiring bakers, home bakers and even semi-pro bakery chefs. We cover everything from scratch so that you know everything while baking the recipe.

In this live online baking course, we will be teaching you everything you need to know about baking three types of Eggless Indian Pastries!

Recipe 1: Chocolate Blossom Pastry

We all grew up eating pineapple and chocolate pastries in our childhood. And we always wondered how does our favorite bakery make these delicious pastries?

Times have changed and so is the baking industry! We bring to you our modern version of the Chocolate pastry which is much more than just chocolate sponge and cream!

You’ll be learning elements like:

  • Chocolate coffee sponge
  • Hazelnut praline
  • Milk chocolate ganache
  • Coffee soaking syrup
  • Garnishing with edible flowers

Recipe 2: Orange and Pistachio pastry

Unlike our idea about pastries that they are just cut pieces of big cakes, they are actually meant to be crafted individually

The chef has gone out of the box for you all to give you unique flavours and designs. The orange and Pistachio pastry is not only a treat to the eyes but also extremely delicious. 

You’ll be learning elements like:

  • Pistachio sponge made with 100% pistachio paste
  • Orange ganache based mousse
  • Garnishes like poached pistachios and chocolate sticks

Recipe 3: Coconut and Cherry Pastry

This is yet another modern take on a classic coconut pastry. Keeping in mind with the new age techniques and designs, we have made sure that a simple pastry can be made to look extraordinary and that the flavours are lip smacking! 

Cherry and coconut make for a really good combination. 

You’ll be learning elements like:

  • Soft Coconut sponge 
  • Cherry German buttercream
  • Cherry compote

For just 1499, you’ll get access to our LIVE online course along with Lifetime access to the course videos along with printable recipes cards for the recipe. 

We’ve a very limited number of seats available for this live baking class where you’ll be able to ask all your questions live to our professional pastry chefs.

Here's what you get when you Register for the Eggless Baking Workshop Today!

The Live online baking course will be held over 2 days:

  • 18th September at 11am to 3pm (Saturday) to
  • 19th September at 11am to 2pm (Sunday)

This is a live online baking and you’ll also get recorded videos of the same that you can access anytime, anywhere from the comfort of your convenience:

  • Exclusive Access to Indian Pastries Live Baking Workshop worth Rs. 2499
  • Complete Lifetime Access to this Workshop’s Videos worth Rs. 2499
  • Printable Recipe Cards for the Eggless Recipe worth Rs. 499 
  • BONUS: Lifetime Access to Bake Better Premium Group worth Rs. 999

Total Value: Rs. 6,499    Offer Price: Rs.1499!


Meet Your Chef Instructor

Chef Gaurav

-Pastry Chef and Head Chocolatier, Truffle nation

I’m a pastry chef and chocolatier at Truffle Nation Baking Academy

I know how hard it can be when trying to learn baking all by yourself. And that’s why I have dedicated my life to helping people just like you to become better bakers.

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