Do you want to bake like a professional?

Have you ever wanted to make Bakery-Style Desserts like a Professional Chef?

In our mini baking workshop, you’ll learn how to bake two delicious Christmas inspired desserts. This workshop sets the perfect foundation that will help you transform from a casual baker to an in-demand professional chef.

A sneak peak inside the Eggless Baking Workshop:

Are you someone who shares a deep passion for baking?

Are you a Causal Baker who has always wanted to make bakery-style desserts at home?

Are you tired of wasting your time on “online recipes” that you cannot follow?

Do you want to impress your family with lip-smacking Christmas-inspired Desserts?

If your answer was Yes, then you’re in the right place!

I am Chef Kirty, and like you, I also share a lifelong passion for baking.

After teaching over 950+ bakers, I have figured out two pillars that are vital for making Bakery Style Desserts at home.

1 – Understand the Science Behind Baking

Baking is more than following a recipe; it is actually a science. It is a combination of different ingredients that come together to create a dish that is rich in flavour and texture.

While following most online recipes, we fail to understand the science behind it. We end up following the method like a robot.

Because of this, we never feel confident in our skill, and the dishes are full of glaring problems.

2 – Being mentored by a Professional Chef

This actually is a no brainer. Let’s go into our childhood. Most of us learn cooking from our mother or grandmother.

She carefully teaches you all the different steps while making the dish. Not only that, when you go wrong while creating the dish, she points your mistake and helps you correct it.

This is exactly what you need while baking.

Learning a recipe taught by a professional chef helps you understand the minute details necessary to make a bakery-style dessert.

These minute details are the difference between baking like an amateur baker and baking like a professional chef.

Taking these two pillars as the foundation, we are launching our upcoming workshop.


Introducing: Mini Christmas Online Eggless Baking Workshop

In this live two-hours long completely eggless workshop, You’ll learn you how to make two delicious Christmas Inspired Desserts.

Not only that –

  • Science Behind Baking – You’ll also be given an understanding of the science behind baking crunchy cookies and creamy shortcakes every single time.
  • Completely Chef-Led Recipe – Our chef will cover every small step while making the recipe. From choosing the ingredients to picking the right baking equipment, our chef will guide you every step of the way.
  • Where you Can Go Wrong – Our chef will also point to the common mistakes so that you don’t make them recreating the recipe.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the workshop: 

Recipe 1: Christmas Wreath Cookies

In this recipe, You’ll learn you how to prepare a delicious vanilla sable cookie.

Not just that, this gourmet cookie is garnished with a Christmas-themed ganache, which is decorated with dry fruits and Rosemary.

This gourmet bakery-style cookie screams Christmas in every bite.

Elements Covered:

  • Mix Spice Vanilla Sable
  • Christmas Ganache with dry fruits and Rosemary

Recipe 2 - Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake

Next, we move to another Christmas delight with the Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake.

Mini Cakes are loved across bakeries, and you’re gonna absolutely love this shortcake. This mini pastry has layers of dark chocolate sponge soaked with red wine.

Our chef will teach you how to flawlessly assemble the different layers. Plus, we will be using the strawberry milk chocolate ganache for layering.

Finally, the mini pastries are topped with sliced strawberries and edible flowers.

Rich in flavors and texture, this shortcake is loved by the Pastry Chefs at Truffle Nation, and yes, this is also completely eggless.

Elements Covered:

  • Rich Chocolate Cake
  • Strawberry Milk Chocolate Ganache
  • Fresh Strawberries Garnish

Here's what you get when you Register for the Eggless Baking Workshop Today!

This course has pre-recorded video tutorials that you can access anytime, anywhere from the comfort of your convenience.

  • 2 Christmas Themed Recipe Tutorials
  • Printable Recipe Cards for the Eggless Recipe
  • BONUS: Live Chef Hours Group Calls Every Week
  • BONUS: Lifetime Access to Bake Better Premium Group

Total Value: Rs. 2,499    Offer Price: Rs.299!


Read what our students are saying about Bake Better's Online Courses.

Useful lessons for beginners

Baking has always been a hobby of mine. I had decided to join truffle nation for their online courses during the lock down and it has been the best decision I made. Through in depth explanation to doubt solving, they have been with us in every step of the way,guiding us, moulding us to be better bakers. Lots of love love, respect and gratitude to the whole team!!

Kavya Hebbar

Amazing Courses!

One of the best baking schools in town…. Very friendly and helpful chefs…. Ambience is also very good… Very hygienic and not to forget even the helpers are so friendly and every smiling

Jasmine Kaur Palaya

Helped me to grow my career

I have taken up their online muffins master course and bought their cookie handbook as well. I have also attended couple of their live workshops and felt that the chefs are truly professional and thorough with their subject. Quite patient with the queries and explain everything in detail. Their recipes are awesome. Though they are bit expensive. Their FB support system is quite good.

Shelly Kaul

Join the Huge Community of 5000+ Bakers Who have started Their Baking Careers with us!

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